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The technology of grinding and dispersion of nano powder is introduced.

1) dry grinding and wet grinding

Dry grinding:

For nano powder manufacturing, the ideal state is: the dry grinding method to get the final nano powder. But in the practical manufacturing, mechanical grinding grinding powder, in the process of grinding, powder by violent collision and extrusion, temperature due to a large amount of energy input and the rapid rise and when the micro particle refinement, how to avoid dust explosion problem difficult to produce artificially controlled. So in general, the dry grinding of the particle size can only be milled to 8 M. If you want to get 8 m the following particle size, you must use wet grinding.

Dry grinding equipment

Wet grinding:

The so-called wet grinding, is the first nano powder with the appropriate solvent mixture, modulation into appropriate material. In order to avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of powder aggregation in the process of grinding, it is necessary to add the appropriate dispersant or auxiliary agent when the grinding agent. It is necessary to investigate how to filter the large particles in the slurry and then to get the nanometer powder in order to get the size of the filter.

Wet grinding equipment

2) grinding and dispersing

What is ground? Grinding is grinding media need to be added, is usually homogeneous beads (such as ball, glass beads, zirconia beads) by grinding medium on the material of high speed shearing, violent collision and the high energy of friction will powder from large particles gradually ground into small particles.

Vertical grinding machine

What is the dispersion? Dispersion does not need to join the medium, but the use of high-speed dispersion machine scattered disk is rotated at high speed to carry on to the material dispersion and centrifugal effect, in order to make the powder particles are completely separated, uniform distribution, mixing nano powder and other the added solvents, additives and binder, resin, etc. in order to achieve the ultimate objective

Two axis multi disc type dispersion machine

In the dispersion and grinding processing of the nano powder, powder size gradually by the small change process, van der Waals force and Brownian motion phenomenon gradually clear up, which will seriously affect the material grinding quality and efficiency. So in order to get more high quality nanometer powder should choose suitable additives to avoid powder agglomeration and the selection of appropriate high technology grinding machine to control the temperature of polishing slurry and avoid the occurrence of the phenomenon of Brownian motion.

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