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China's stirring equipment industry has made a qualitative leap in energy consumption

Domestic asphalt mixing equipment enterprises to maintain a competitive advantage, need is in comply with the development of the industry trend, at the same time, and constantly improve the its technology level, product quality, pay attention to brand building, for the establishment of its own sales channels. The future of the industry to product and technology development main trend include: the development of large asphalt mixing equipment, using equipment research and development of energy-saving, emission reduction, environmental protection and waste asphalt mixture regeneration, attention to product automatic and intelligent control technology, supporting especially key parts of the independent research and development and manufacturing.

Large domestic asphalt mixed material mixing equipment mainly refers to 4000 to 5000 type equipment, 4000 and more types of mixing equipment, the technical content, manufacturing difficulty, industrial control and energy saving and environmental protection aspects of the requirements, and small mixing equipment in the technical level in a plane and with the increase of the types of that need to be addressed technical issues will be more and more complex. Related supporting components, such as vibration sieve, dust removal system, the supply of combustion system will also be more restricted.

Control center of the future needs of all motor reducer, a discharging door, gas oil pipeline valve dynamic monitoring, real-time feedback components running status; with self diagnosis, self repair, automatic fault detection and alarm function; to set up a database of equipment operation, for equipment inspection and maintenance based on; create a user database recorded all mixing with the measurement data, can be traced back to the original ratio parameter functions. Thus, the initial realization of unmanned automation production, effectively improve the strong mixing equipment control comfort, intuitive operation and simplicity.

With the national "Twelfth Five Year Plan" and to improve environmental protection requirements, the recent introduction of Chinese construction machinery industry development plan also made it clear that low carbon, environmental protection, high efficiency, energy-saving development goals, the equipment noise, emissions of dust and harmful gas emissions, energy consumption and control more and more strictly, on the asphalt mixture material mixing equipment technology development put forward higher requirements. At present, domestic and foreign advanced asphalt mixing equipment manufacturing enterprises, such as in hand in build on the west, South Road machine, Gangchang, Marini, Mai manufacturers have advocated and used by the technical innovation to compete for resources recycling and energy saving and emission reduction in the field. Which is an endless stream of asphalt mixing equipment products, but also in terms of energy consumption and environmental protection has made a qualitative leap.

With the asphalt stirring equipment industry gradually return to the rational, market competition more orderly, the industry survival of the fittest trend is obvious, advantage of enterprise in the industry needs to continue to enhance its technical strength while maintaining a keen sense of smell to the development of the industry trend and timely according to the direction of development of the industry were strategic adjustment, to keep the advantage in the competition in the future; small enterprises need to adjust the industrial structure, or have a good economies of scale, industry structure, the overall profitability of the strong integration and restructuring of enterprises.

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