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Speeder dry grinding mill for ceramic color

This machine is delicate equipment specially designed for ceramic color and hard grind color. It is a new speeder dry grinding mill which is repeatedly used by customers and finalized by technicians in our factory. On the basis of absorbing and researching world famous brand products in America, German, Italy and characters of Chinese ceramic color industry, combine the using habit of Chinese customers.

It's characters: no special installation and can placed horizontal. Normal finished color after fast grind and common dispersing, it can reach to 300 meshes, convenient for unload. It has many containers for standby, convenient to change color. Seal with cover to avoid powder leakage and save the cost. Lining inside container can strengthen it life. also it has additional gearbox disposition.

ModelPower(KW)Capacity(L)Lift distance (mm)BL*W*Ht(mm)

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