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SF Large Flow Crinding Mill

  1. The latest technology of special dynamic high-speed centrifugal separator,with super large area and superfine mesh screen,excellent anti clogging and

    super wear resisting

  2. Special design of irregularly shaped grinding disc, high grinding efficiency helps to produce with very narrow particle distribution, finenss can reach

    nanoscale, Polyurethane,zirconia,die steel(tungsten steel) for options, which reduce pollution to the material,meanwhile enhance durabillity.

  3. Overall processing of the double helix and cooling channels for the grinding cavity, with double layer cooling configuration,realized 2 times more cooling

    efficiency compared to the normal machine. Polyurethane,zirconium oxide, silicon carbide,steel (tungsten steel) are optional meterials for the grinding cavity.

  4. High precision EagleBurgmann double mechanical seal and  lip seal (cartridge mechanical seals),lmported match perfluorinated sealing ring,with high

    requirement,standardized process and installation technology,ensure the machine seal safe and durable, Self-circulation machine seal coolant design

    solves the machine seal cooling problem, dissolve with the material safely and reliably.

  5. Use frequency changer,according the material feature,match the most suitable revolving speed pressure, Material temperature, machine seal coolant level etc.

  6. Use advanced instrument safely measure and control multi parts such as the feed pressure, Material temperature,machine seal coolant level etc.

  7. Optional human-machine interface touch-screen control panel, PLC control system, realized pre-design function of operation mode, omnibearing display and record

    the operation parameter of the equipment. Normal of explosive-proof controller for selection.

  8. Wide range suitable for industries such as ink, paint, coationg, mill base, pigment, pesticide,medicine,ceramics,magnetic materials etc.

Main unti power(kw)35.518.222/3037~4555~75
Barrel capacity(L)25203050/60100
Pump flux(L/min)0.1~0.50.17~1.70.8~4.21.7~8.53.5~174.2~42
Production capacity(L/h)6~3010~10050~250100~500200~1000250~2500
Milling medium(mm)0.3~1.00.3~1.20.3~1.50.3~2.00.3~2.00.3~2.0

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