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FBWY series vacuum planetary mixer

FBWY series of planetary vacuum mixing material of various machine is a set of planetary stirring and hydraulic combined equipment of material is specially designed for high density, high adhesion of material mixing and feeding process.

Vacuum planetary mixer reference star trajectory principle, combined with the special characteristics of the materials of chemical products, coupled with the mechanical seal technique, under the vacuum state of material complete array phase mixing, make the process of material stirring more uniform at the same time also to be able to achieve the defoaming effect. Hydraulic material by injection molding principle, material pressure plate and the material cylinder bore with precision, in the hydraulic cylinder of large thrust through extrusion high adhesive material discharged through the discharge port, convenient packaging, but also greatly reduce the residual material in the cylinder body.

This equipment is especially suitable for the production of chemical, electronic, pharmaceutical, cosmetic and other industries with high degree of adhesion and high density.

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