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JFD series multi function grinding equipment

JFD series multi-function grinding equipment is I plant synthesizes the domestic and foreign advanced coating production process, is the independent development of our factory specialized for large, continuous coating production mixing, dispersion, grinding equipment. Serve control system of precision, large screen man-machine advanced, make the operation more simple and easy to use. The integration of the equipment for the coating production process of users to achieve "leak".

JFD series multi function grinding equipment by the feeding groove, a separation cylinder, in addition to grinding cylinder, a grinding cylinder, packaging machine five cylinder device five segment piecewise process automatic internal integration pipeline completed (configuration control system), standard single working day yield 2500KG, 5000kg, 10000kg, 15000KG, 20000KG, multiple specifications of user selection using. According to the user's different production process requirements to provide a specific device configuration.

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