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JFB-15 series basket-type distributor for chocolate

Patentn No:ZL2006 2006 0189.4 ZL03317602.7

This machine is a kind of newest chocolate grind equipment, it has broken traditional grind equipment for chocolate with low efficiency and big wastage. It adopts basket type zirconium bean grinding concept, was equipped with rotary & blade cylinder and multiple cooling system. Under normal technology humidity, material is grinded more evenly and thoroughly. It is more suitable for expensive material, meanwhile, it have the energy saving effect when adopting the frequency control.

There is a control interface for easy operation. Put in the material in proportion, and press one key will finish the grinding work.



  • Equipment major power: 15KW, general power: 18KW;

  • Material jar total volume: 300L, Rated grind quantity: 250KG;

  • Lift distance: 1000MM

ModelPower(KW)Capacity(L)Lift distance (mm)BL*W*Ht(mm)

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