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FSA series crusher

This equipment adopt high speeds spiral knife of wind rotor in the crush box. Because of self-air volume, inner equipment is not easy to be heating. It is running steady, easy to install, low noise and good effect smash etc. Spiral knife inside the equipment adopts SUS304 material. Mainly it is suitable for food, medicine organic crystal material to crush.

At the same time adopts high speed revolving knife of wind rotor, fixed knife carry out impact, cutting and grinding. During crushing there accrues powerful air current, caloric with finished produce flow through screen. The particle requirement can satisfy by change the screen.

Production capacity(kg/h)30-20050-300
Feeding size(mm)< 4< 4
Discharging size (mesh)12-12012-120
Motor power(KW)5.57.5
Spindle speed(rpm)40003800

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